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Tammy Adam
Food Service - Highland Elementary School
Holly Albert
Assistant Business Manager - District Office
Brandon Allwein
Custodian - Clay Elementary School
Ammon Allwein
Maintenance - District-Wide
Shannon Allwein
Custodian - Fulton Elementary School
Asma Amir
Food Service - Fulton Elementary School
Brenda Anaya Sanchez
Special Education Para Educator - High School
Caryn Andes
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendents - District Office
Joan Andrew
Food Service - High School
Jared Angstadt
Maintenance - District-Wide
Amy Apgar
Special Education Teacher - Middle School
Wendy Avans
Special Education Teacher - Intermediate School
Jale Aydin
Special Education Teacher - Intermediate & Middle School
Rebecca Bach
Elementary Teacher - Clay Elementary School
Julie Bachman
Elementary Teacher - Highland Elementary School
Ashley Badie
Building Aide - Akron Elementary School
David Bair
Maintenance - District-Wide
Melisa Balamuta
Special Education Para Educator - Middle School
Jennifer Ballas
School Counselor - Highland Elementary
Jennifer Barnabei
Assistant Principal - Intermediate School