Life Ready Graduate

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The Ephrata Area School District Life Ready Graduate program was created to prepare students to have a positive impact on an ever-changing world.  The program aims to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions beyond traditional content mastery and standardized assessments, including civics, financial literacy, technological proficiency, communication, collaboration, integrity, and much more.

These higher targets have been collectively identified with input from the larger school community and verified through extensive research.  Aiming for higher targets does not mean the required state standards are ignored, but it represents the important foundational elements of all learners’ education.

The Ephrata Area School Board of Directors formally endorsed the Life Ready Graduate program in November 2017.  Local businesses continue to demonstrated their support.  All involved groups, in conjunction with the District administration, recognize the importance of providing all learners with an education that sets them on a path to reach their full potential in life, regardless of the direction they head after graduation.             #EASDLifeReady