Title IX

Title IX Staff

Title IX Coordinator
Mr. Michael O’Donnell, District Athletic Director
717-721-1478, extension 19020  /  Email Michael_ODonnell

Title IX Investigators
Mrs. Amanda Calhoun, Ephrata High School Assistant Principal
717-721-1478, extension 19011  /  Email Amanda Calhoun

Mr. Nathan Upham, Ephrata High School Assistant Principal
717-721-1478, extension 19010  /  Email Nathan Upham

Mr. Russ Garman, Ephrata Middle School Assistant Principal
717-721-1468, extension 18003  /  Email Russ Garman

Mrs. Jennifer Barnabei, Ephrata Intermediate School Assistant Principal
717-721-1405, extension 16003  /  Email Jennifer Barnabei

Title IX Decision Makers
Dr. Scott Galen, Ephrata High School Principal
717-721-1478, extension 19012  /  Email Scott Galen

Mr. Peter Kishpaugh, Ephrata Middle School Principal
717-721-1468, extension 18001  /  Email Peter Kishpaugh

Title IX Appeal Decision Makers
Dr. Jacy Clugston Hess, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
717-721-1400, extension 11227  /  Email Jacy Hess

Dr. Richard Hornberger, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education
717-721-1400, extension 11227  /  Email Richard Hornberger

To report a complaint, please scroll up and reference “Title IX Process & Complaint Form”