Homeschool & Private Tutor

If you live in the Ephrata Area School District and are considering homeschool or private tutor as an educational option, please review the Pennsylvania Department of Education Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide, which outlines the guidelines and expectations to provide an education within each of these educational options. Below you will find an outline of the annual documentation process for homeschool as well as some links to additional homeschool information and resources.

  1.  An original, notarized homeschool affidavit should be submitted annually to the district by August 1st. The Ephrata Area School District affidavit can be found HERE. You may also use a similar generic homeschool affidavit for the state of Pennsylvania and include the following required attachments:

  • Objectives for each child – submitted annually

  • Evidence of Immunization – The law requires all students, including students in a home education program to comply with 24 P.S. § 13-1303(a) and Article XIV School Health Services. The district expects homeschool supervisors to keep record of this information in the student’s annual homeschool portfolio. While the entire portfolio is not submitted to the district, we do ask that a record of the student’s immunizations or alternative documentation as outlined in the PDE Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide be submitted the first year of enrollment, the beginning of the school year a student turns 12, and the beginning of the school year a student turns 17.


  1. Special Education Students – Affidavit and objectives for a student with a disability must be accompanied by a written notification of approval by special education teacher or school/licensed clinical psychologist that the specific needs of the student with a disability are addressed by the program as outlined in the Students with Disabilities section of the PDE Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide.

  2. If you are enrolled in a homeschool program and transferring to or from Ephrata Area School District, please request a letter of transfer from the district you are leaving and provide it to the district you are moving into.


  3. An annual written evaluation of each student’s homeschool education must be provided to the district by the homeschool supervisor from an appropriately certified homeschool evaluator on or before June 30th each year.


All documentation can be dropped off or mailed to the district office:

Homeschool Administrator

Ephrata Area School District

803 Oak Blvd.

Ephrata, PA 17522


Additional Homeschool Information Links

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